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The Devil's Dancefloor

Created: 2022-12-05 02:05:39 Last Edited: 2022-12-05 14:58:39
  Submitted by: CMDR dkO on behalf of monev
Star System:Eeshorks BA-A g2179
Coordinates:1980.66 / -952.75 / 17324
Sol Distance: 17,462.8 ly
Region:Norma Arm
Category:Sights and Scenery
Category:Tourist Beacons


This system houses a black hole and four neutron stars, with four of the five bodies in close binary pairs. There is also a tourist beacon here.


This system houses a black hole and four neutron stars, with four of the five bodies in close binary pairs. There is also a tourist beacon here, #711, named the "Devil's Dancefloor". The following text is broadcasted by the beacon:

The system was first discovered during a joint expedition by three well known scientists in the field of gravitational physics: Grace Gutierrez, Rondall Hudon, and Lennox McFadden, back in July of 3303.

It contains a black hole and four neutron stars, and is considered extra special by researchers studying gravitational waves as four of the five bodies that make up the system are organised in two sets of binaries orbiting eachother very closely.

They orbit so closely that the AB pair orbit each other in approximately two hours (The Swing Couple), with both pairs orbiting each other in an area less than 250Ls across.

The A star of the sytem is a black hole measuring 10.6 solar masses.

Bodies B, C and D are each microsecond pulsars with spins aligned by orbits so tight a ship may find itself in the ejecta cones of both pulsars at the same time!

The fifth and last body of the system is another neutron star at a range of 342,000Ls which the members of the discovering expedition refer to as "The Wallflower"

A small correction: the system was discovered by CMDR Monev, who was chartered by the three people mentioned in the text above. See Monev's journal entry here.

ID64 Address:146251575814
EDSM ID:21249889

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T2B‑GKF  P.T.N. Stargazer  2024‑03‑21 02:14:09 
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