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Created: 2022-10-31 19:51:42 Last Edited: 2022-10-31 21:17:44
  Discovered and Submitted by: Andrew Gaspurr
Star System:Iwhophs UJ-R e4-2
Coordinates:1585.84 / 2834.09 / 16403.2
Sol Distance: 16,721.7 ly
Region:Norma Arm
Category:Sights and Scenery


A star system, only reachable with FSD boosts, that contains a neutron star, an MIII red giant, and multiple landable planets and moons.


Charted as Iwhophs UJ-R e4-2 in the Universal Cartographics catalogue, this star system has a bit of (almost) everything for eager explorers. It's located nearly 2,900 ly above the galactic plane, offering a fantastic view of the Milky Way, both its spiral arms and the galactic core.

Moreover, the system is home to both an neutron star and and an ancient MIII class red giant. The closest star is 98.30 ly away, which means a synthesized FSD boost (or a fleet carrier) is required, but luckily the system has a neutron star, plus two scoopable stars, allowing for a safe return home.

The system's nickname Serenity is derived from its extremely remote location and the tranquil views it offers to the weary traveler, making it a good spot to meditate and recover from Deep Space Dissociation Syndrome (DSDS, also known as "Space Madness").

Serenity has a very interesting nested moon (AB 1 b a), which orbits its parent moon every 5 standard hours, at a jaw-dropping distance of only 2,100 kilometres. The parent moon in turn orbits a class III gas giant, and this arrangement can make an interesting „row“ vista of three heavenly bodies at appropriate times. AB 1 b a also has volcanic activity, silicate vapour geysers, which as of October 31st 3308 still need analysis.

Another fascinating feature is a landable planet (C 1) orbiting the 31 solar radii red giant at a mere 240 ls (approximately half of the Earth - Sol distance), making it little more than a metal-rich baked potato.

The surface gravity of 1.4 g is above Earth average, but the surface isn’t too rough, so driving shouldn't be a problem. So, since it’s possible to land, travelers can literally bask in the heavy solar winds blowing across the surface at amazing speeds. Even in an Artemis suit, one cannot withstand the extreme temperatures for long.

Serenity also has other very interesting star systems nearby, namely a double neutron star system, a few red giant stars and also a number of younger, massive stars of types B and A.

Most of this remote area is still in its exploration infancy and only poorly mapped. In a way, everything above 2,600 ly in this area is a microcosm in its own right and definitely worth a visit. However, explorers are advised to stock up their boost synthesis materials in advance, as some star systems of the ascent are solitary stars, without any planets where materials could be restocked.

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