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The Dark Star

Created: 2022-10-17 18:31:44 Last Edited: 2022-10-18 16:42:13
  Discovered and Submitted by: Herix
Star System:Splojeia AA-A h19
Coordinates:2655.97 / 69.9688 / 34827.1
Sol Distance: 34,928.3 ly
Region:Ryker's Hope
Category:Stellar Features


A frozen Wolf-Rayet star with a surface temperature of 113 Kelvin, completely void of any light emitted by the star.


Located in the center of Ryker's Hope, Splojeia AA-A h19 A is a Wolf-Rayet star completely void of any light emitted by the star itself; hence its nickname of “The Dark Star”. The surface of the star is at an incredibly cold 113 Kelvin, translating to about -160° C, which is likely the cause for its non-light emitting properties.

The Dark Star is clearly visible against the brighter stars scattered in the background, covering all of its surroundings with its cold, decaying matter.

What is noteworthy about The Dark Star is that it's currently fusing oxygen with ionized lines, meaning that it is relatively close to its death. Given that it has a solar mass of nearly 92, it is not unlikely that the collapse will result in a hypernova, which would spell out the death and destruction of nearby systems.

Orbiting The Dark Star is Splojeia AA-A h19 B, a more regular WNO I Wolf-Rayet, at nearly 300,000 light-seconds away from its sibling. Although this is not as noteworthy as the primary, it's quite immense at nearly 62 solar masses. This implies that once either of these stars go hypernova, one of them will always take down the other one in a mighty flash of light.

ID64 Address:162103671
EDSM ID:28112171

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