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Sky Lens

Created: 2022-08-04 13:08:50 Last Edited: 2022-08-05 21:20:34
  Discovered and Submitted by: JJGoldberg
Star System:Schee Bli AA-A h143
Coordinates:2807.78 / -1038.47 / 33473.2
Sol Distance: 33,606.8 ly
Region:Ryker's Hope
Category:Sights and Scenery


A system with three black holes, where the distortion caused by their gravitational effect is particularly intense and can be seen from the surface of multiple landable bodies.


A peculiar looking system, with three black holes in a complex orbital dance not just among themselves, but also keeping two M, one Y and one L dwarf stars in the stellar dance as well.

The L star has twelve rocky satellites, of which nine are landable. On six of these, rare Stratum and Bacteria species can be found.

However, the greatest thrill for an explorer is the sight of the effect that the binary B and C black holes combined create in the sky, as viewed from multiple landable bodies.

The images show the views from body 2 f, with the reddish tint stemming from the Ammonia atmosphere, and body 2 l, where a very thin Nitrogen atmosphere enables an unhindered view of the phenomenon . The other moons offer similar scenery.

The CMDR that first stumbled on this discovery was just searching for biological species, and noticed the magnificent sight in the sky above by coincidence. Word goes that his ship's crew kept waiting for him to return for several hours, wondering what might have happened out on the surface...

ID64 Address:1202290023

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