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The Proteus Site

Created: 2022-08-07 01:30:25 Last Edited: 2022-08-07 18:16:34
  Submitted by: PhoenixBlue
Star System:Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2
Coordinates:573.594 / -339.469 / -1167.66
Sol Distance: 1,344.5 ly
Region:Inner Orion Spur
Category:Mystery and Xenology


The Proteus is a site on planet 1 A where researchers discovered a battleground between Guardians and Thargoids. Artefacts recovered from here led to the development of the Proteus Wave superweapon.


The Proteus is a site on planet 1 A where researchers for Azimuth Biochemicals discovered an ancient battleground between Guardians and Thargoids. The artefacts recovered from here allowed Salvation to develop anti-Thargoid weapons of mass destruction, including the Proteus Wave superweapon that was later built in HIP 22460.

Independent pilots found the Proteus after receiving a tip from "Salvation", later discovered to be Caleb Wycherly, vice president of research of the Azimuth Biochemicals corporation during the First Thargoid War in the early 32nd century.

Azimuth researchers aboard the Hesperus megaship, fleeing a hostile takeover attempt by their rivals the Pharmasapien corporation, crashed on Planet 1 A in 3113. Shortly thereafter, they discovered a battleground between the Guardians and Thargoids at coordinates 31.62, 119.87 and set up a research outpost while they awaited rescue.

Their attempts to reverse engineer the Guardian weapon technology misfired catastrophically. Logs detailing the outcome can be found at the Proteus site.

The Guardian site is still active, with up to a dozen Sentinels lying in wait for any trespassers. Activating the six pylons on the site unlocks a data terminal that will reward a Guardian Ship Blueprint in exchange for an Ancient Key.

Pilots wishing to reach the Trapezium Sector from the Core Systems should use the Witch Head Nebula as a waypoint to thread the needle between the multiple permit locks surrounding the nebulae in the region.

ID64 Address:634547605994
EDSM ID:1475056

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