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Black Lightning

Created: 2022-07-16 00:12:31 Last Edited: 2022-07-30 12:46:39
  Discovered and Submitted by: SigmaExplorer
Star System:Dryio Flyuae KM-W f1-3293
Coordinates:-8257.06 / -1025.41 / 19065.7
Sol Distance: 20,802.2 ly
Region:Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm


Black Hole system with no primary stars hosts a body with Electicae Pluma - which contradicts the Codex.


This Black Hole system hosts an icy body with an argon atmosphere and, shockingly, Red Electricae Pluma. These impressive exoflora are listed by the Codex to only exist in systems with "bright white stars". However, this system, and a handful of others, throw that claim into doubt: other than the black hole, the only stars here are dim dwarfs orbiting the primary, there aren't any bright stars in the system. This indicates there is more to these electrified plants than was perhaps previously known. The truth of their origins may lie more in the destruction of a previous star than in what form the remnants take.

ID64 Address:1768052737077
EDSM ID:74177644

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