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The Sidewinder Grand Prix

★ RARE ★
Created: 2022-05-26 15:11:38 Last Edited: 2022-05-26 19:49:24
  Discovered and Submitted by: Good King Bobe
Star System:Ploi Aihm EN-R d5-8
Coordinates:6521.31 / 910.875 / 9670.66
Sol Distance: 11,699.5 ly
Region:Hawking's Gap
Category:Planetary Features


A Taylor ring surrounding a landable planet within a Neutron star system.


POI Body:

It's an open secret that illegal Sidewinder races are performed annually at this secluded system. Far away enough from the authorities for them to claim ignorance, the nearby Neutron star gives ample opportunity to jump should the need arise and also allows easy access to the many patrons who come to watch and bet their hard-earned credits.

The races were first hosted by the Sidewinder Syndicate and take place on the "Neutron Highway" as the participants have come to refer to it, the Taylor Ring banding the 7th moon of the only Gas Giant in the system. Racers can use any number of publicly unavailable modifications however they are constrained to the use of the Sidewinder MK1 only. Tod Mcquinn regularly offers his services to anyone with the credits to pay and though he denies it, it is rumoured that he keeps a special inventory for whoever he bets his money on.

Once begun the races do not stop until there is only one racer or team left intact or the maximum number of laps have been completed although the latter rarely occurs. The races feature danger from both the other competitors as it does from the track itself, the natural asteroids of course present a hazard but the proximity triggered explosives contained within them or the surreptitiously placed laser turrets are often of greater concern for pilots as they make their way around the course.

It's rumoured that The Dweller was a champion racer back in the day, in the race of 3291 there was certainly a very talented racer whose cold-running phase shifting lasers caught other racers by surprise as their shields were rendered useless. He certainly isn't telling.

ID64 Address:286731193651
EDSM ID:12171146

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Reason:Praise2022-05-30 19:21:07
From:LCU No Fool Like One
I love the description and legend behind this.
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