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Maris and Piper

Created: 2022-11-04 18:38:00 Last Edited: 2022-11-05 15:58:36
  Discovered and Submitted by: Just Bear Li
Star System:Yuetaea IH-C d0
Coordinates:-13619 / -1581.62 / 52769.9
Sol Distance: 54,521.9 ly
Region:Hieronymus Delta
Category:Sights and Scenery


A close pair of "potato" moons with varied biology and geology, and spectacular views.


Below the Thueche Brahe nebula, and almost 1,600 Ly below the galactic plane, sits this - at first glance mundane - system. One world draws the explorer's attention - ABC 2 b ("Maris"), with 6 biological and 3 geological signs under an ammonia atmosphere. Viewed from its close companion moon ("Piper"), the atmosphere glows pale green and the irregular potato-shape is immediately apparent.

Like many thin ammonia atmosphere bodies, this moon hosts relatively diverse flora. Thanks to the active volcanism, Maris is host to the unusual Fumerola Extremus:

Other than the Fumerola and Bacteria, there are also other plants, such as Cactoida Peperatis:

Also, Concha Aureolas:

The two worlds are in close enough orbit of their parent Gas Giant with Water-based life (ABC 2, "King Edward") that a wide variety of spectacular views are available.

Those who travel this far may may well find their path takes them via the nearby neutron star Thueche BF-A e0, parent to 3 directly-orbiting water worlds, a system worthy of a brief side trip from here.

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