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Amundsen's Star

★ RARE ★
Created: 2022-04-26 14:25:11 Last Edited: 2023-06-19 13:23:16
  Submitted by: CMDR Marx on behalf of Allitnil
Star System:Lyed YJ-I d9-0
Coordinates:11007.5 / 44.8438 / -16899.8
Sol Distance: 20,168.5 ly
Region:Kepler's Crest
Category:Notable Stellar Phenomena


The farthest Southerly system currently reachable, and an area of Gyre Trees.

Notice: This POI shares the same star system with a prior existing entry in the Galactic Mapping Project (GMP). You can visit the original entry using the link below:

    Amundsen's Star (historicalLocation), Lyed YJ-I d9-0


First discovered by CMDR Allitnil, Amundsen's Star (named after an ancient Earth explorer) is the farthest system South that's currently reachable. While there are some farther out, those stars are far beyond the range of current jump technologies.

This system is also notable for housing space-borne life: Gyre Trees and their seed pods. They can also be found in the nearby Lyed XJ-I d9-0 system.
There are also P05-Type Anomalies in this system, and* P07-Type Anomalies* in the nearby system mentioned above.

Explorers investigating the Gyre Pods should exercise caution and maintain a safe distance, as the pods emit a caustic cloud when disturbed. Decontamination limpets will remove the contaminant and stop it corroding the ship, but for Commanders who don't have those fitted, deliberately overheating the ship will eventually burn the contaminant away as well. This will almost certainly inflict severe damage to both the ship's hull and its internal modules.

Explorers who look at galactic maps might also notice that in a short distance to the North-East, there's a roughly 1,000 ly long area where the density of stars is significantly higher than in the surrounding parts.

Image credit: Jav Marlo, logbook on Inara

ID64 Address:12792627923
EDSM ID:3077029

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Carriers Last Seen in this System:

 Callsign   Name  Date 
PZQ‑24Q  DSSA TTV Somdy  2024‑02‑27 10:56:13 
Messages for this POI:
Reason:Comment2022-05-03 01:21:42
From:Richard Fluiraniz M.
Came for the sights, left because those gyre trees resemble thargoids.
Replies: 4Visibility: Public 
From:Marxanthius   2022-05-05 01:03:25
The static image really doesn't do Gyre tree's proper justice. Their slow turning in the silence of space is amazing to see.
From:PhoenixBlue   2022-06-23 04:56:26
I've experienced the caustic effect from the gyre pods firsthand. The good news is that this caustic dissipates on its own after about 30 seconds.
From:PhoenixBlue   2023-06-19 07:03:40
In my most recent visit to Amundsen's Star (2023-06-17), I couldn't find the Stolon Pods that have been previously reported. I did, however, encounter P05-Type Anomalies that I don't think I'd encountered previously (see added image).
From:CMDR Marx    2023-06-19 13:21:34
That's because that's an error in the Codex: the Gyre Tree category for the region is mistakenly named as Stolon Pods instead. If you click it, you'll see Viride Gyre Trees under it.
Thanks for the Anomalies though! I have completely forgotten about them, and that's a cool picture too.

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 CMDR Marx   2022-05-05 20:34:40 
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