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Miller Mann

Created: 2022-08-28 02:25:23 Last Edited: 2023-02-10 03:32:05
  Submitted by: WhirlWind
Star System:Dryi Aug AA-A h283
Coordinates:3524.66 / 2382.84 / 21705.8
Sol Distance: 22,118.8 ly
Region:Empyrean Straits
Category:Stellar Features


A landable thin atmospheric HMC planet that, at 12 ls away, has the closest orbit to a black hole, as of 2022-08-28. This also the second-shortest rotation of an atmospheric.


Miller Mann is a landable High Metal Content planet with a Thin Helium atmosphere that orbits a Black Hole only 12 ls away from the Black Hole, completing an orbit every 4.9 hours. It also has three geological signals, one of which are Silicate Vapour Geysers:

Even at these close distances the gravitational lensing of the parent black hole isn't visible. However, two of the other black holes in system are massive enough to produce distortion that's visible even at their distances of around 220 ls.

Miller Mann's system also contains three other black holes, four other stars, and a few other planets.

Both brown dwarfs (classes T and Y) have wide rings compared to body size. Black holes C and B are in a tight binary orbit with an orbital period of 2.4 hours around the barycenter. The fourth black hole (D) orbits at around 19,000 ls from the main star.

ID64 Address:2376697119
EDSM ID:70959699

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